Get familiar with our qualified coaches

Each one of our coaches has decades of experience from their work and each one is still continuing to develop and increase their know-how.

Petteri Joukamaa – Physiotherapist, physical coach

Petteri has decades of experience from physical and sport coaching within different sports and physiotherapy. He has also experience from combining these two things – sports physiotherapy. Petteri’s goal is to optimize an athlete’s training by using science and solid experience with the final result of being a healthy athlete.

Motto: Put it all out there now!

Jari Mäkelä – Masters in Physical Education

Jari is an experienced coach whose coaching philosophy is based on scientific study along with decades of experience.
His passion is to help athletes achieve their own personal best potential and be successful on the top level of their sport.
Jari has given numerous amounts of coaching lessons on tatami and other sports platforms – the red thread always being personally and strategically timed uncompromising training executed at the right time.
In addition to physical coaching in ice hockey, Jari has worked as a physical coach for the Finnish ladies’ baseball team (Porin Pesäkarhut). He has also gained experience as a physical coach in football (soccer) for FC Jazz during two seasons.
Jari has been the Finnish national judo team coach during 1992-1997.


Seppo Vihelä – Masters in Physical Education

Seppo is an experienced physical coach who trusts in the union of practical experience and scientific knowledge.
A versatile coach by his own background who swears in the name of strict and demanding practice.
Seppo’s passion is to help athletes find the way which leads to as good of a result as possible.
In addition to individual coaching Seppo has worked as a physical coach for Porin Ässät hockey team for five seasons.
He has also worked as a physical coach for the ladies’ Finnish baseball team for four seasons: three in Porin Pesäkarhut and one in Kankaanpään Maila.

Henri Keskilohko - Physiotherapist, physical coach

After finishing his ice hockey career Henri studied to become a physiotherapist. At this point he is currently working as a physcial coach for different teams.

Henri has gone through Porin Ässät Junior path and has since then played 142 games within 5 seasons in SaPKo and KeuPa HT in the Mestis league. Keskilohko is remembered as an extremely skillful skater so keeping that in mind, he will also work as one of the hockey trainers during the summer programs.

Keskilohko has also been practising in the BG training groups so the training philosophy is quite known to him already.

Because of his strong background as an athlete, Henri has a versatile know-how as how to practise as an athlete. Having a physiotherapist’s education will also bring a very important, scientific aspect into coaching!

Mia laakso - Masters in Physical Education

Mia Laakso, a master in physical education and a nutritional coach, strenghtens the Bigger Goals already strong know-how in the field of sports coaching.

Mia will concentrate on nutritional coaching and will be responsible for Bigger Goals Instagram nutritional postings. Mia’s nutritional coaching strategy combines scientific study, her own coaching experience and the goals of an individual.

Mia coaches and trains individuals, groups and teams. She has coached athletes from several different fields and she is currently working as the nutritional coach for the figure skating national sports team. The goal for nutritional coaching is to support the everyday life of an athlete, which plays a significant part for an athlete to succeed and stay healthy.

Mia has in her career educated e.g. nutrinional and fitness coaches, and personal trainers.

Our sports philosoph

Along the years we have developed a training philosophy which goes by the name of ‘Circuit of Excellence’. We keep this as the very core idea of our coaching philosophy when training our athletes.

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